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commonly asked questions


How much will it cost me to rebuild a transmission?

The cost of repairs varies on the parts that will be replaced in the unit.  Generally to get a solid quote on what needs to be replaced, you need to have an internal inspection done.  The Technician will then go through the unit checking all the working and non working components throughout transmission. 

My transmission is not shifting correctly.  Can you do a transmission flush to fix it?

Transmission flushes are only a maintenance procedure.  They are not recommended on vehicles that are already experiencing shifting difficulties.  You will only be throwing away your money. 

Can I replace the transmission with a used one?

More than not, customer's ask, "Can I replace the unit with a used one?"  The answer to that is, "Yes!"  Just remember, most of the vehicles that are experiencing transmission generally have quite a bit of mileage on them.  The transmission that generally customer's purchase will probably have just as much mileage or come out of vehicle that have been sent to a salvage yard.   I would not recommend replacing your transmission with a used one, but you always have that option. 

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